Latest ProxySQL does not work correctly with XtraDB Cluster 5.6

I am new to this solution. I wanted to replace the MySQL server of a solution with a clustered one! As the original solution was using MySQL 5.6 tables and its features, I selected XtraDB Cluster 5.6. I successfully configured a two-node cluster in two different servers that work perfectly. However, installing and connecting the latest version of the ProxySQL to the cluster only works on the configuration stage and it is configured without any problem! I configured the proxysql to work on port 3306. However, connection to the ProxySQL using mysql command only connects to the server with the password and fails to run the query with this error:

mysql> status
ERROR 2013 (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server during query

I have no idea what is wrong with that! Because, I have configured everything with default values!

Please, help me on this.


By “latest version of the ProxySQ”, do you mean the latest 1.x branch or the ProxySQL 2.x release? It’s always worth mentioning the exact version of a product that you have installed as “the latest version” is always subject to change. :wink:

I had this problem recently when an sqlite db became corrupted on disk, I was able to resolve it by removing the sqlitedb as I had a cluster of ProxySQL servers and it was recreated when I restarted my ProxySQL servers. I’m assuming you only have one ProxySQL instance, have you checked in the log files if the sqlitedb is actually corrupt? If it is, I’d suggest removing it and restarting ProxySQL. If that doesn’t work you could always remove ProxySQL, clear the /var/lib/proxysql directory of all it’s files then install again and start afresh.

BTW, I should mention that two DB servers are not a cluster, you need a minimum of three for that. Why do you have XtraDB cluster 5.6.x installed when the latest release is 5.7.x?