Is it possible to undo a backup preparation?

Hello all,

We have had a problem these days when restoring a backup and i wonder if we could fix it in a faster way or this was the best way.

We were testing to restore a mysql backup taken with xtrabackup 2.4 which consisted on a full + 1 incremental backup which in sum they are around 2 TB and the server has around 3TB disk, so we don’t have enough space to keep the backup compressed and usable in the same place.

Once we started the restoration we found that the incremental backup was corrupted and couldn’t be applied over the full backup, leaving everything unconsistent.

The question is, Is there any way to “rollback” the incremental backup (and the full preparation with the --no-apply-logs) so it can be reusable without having to clean up and start from 0?

Thanks a lot,



Unfortunately there is no way to roll-back incremental changes. When we apply incremental changes, we change pages in the full backup, and we have no way to know what were values of these pages before we applied incremental backup.