Applying new incremental backup on already prepared backup

Hello datafriends,

I have a problem with xtrabackup,i cant apply an incremental backup on already prepared backup.

This is my step:
-> Full backup ( 30gb )
-> incremental ( 1gb )
-> restore data on spare mysql ( ok )
-> **** incremental ( 1gb ) ****

Try to restore from full:
-> xtrabackup --prepare --apply-log-only --target-dir="${full_backup_dir}"

Add increment:
-> xtrabackup --prepare --apply-log-only --incremental-dir="${increment}" --target-dir="${full_backup_dir}"

Prepare dataset for restoring:
->xtrabackup --prepare --target-dir="${full_backup_dir}"

My problem is for the next incremental backup, i cant reuse my restored directory for my new increment:
->xtrabackup --prepare --apply-log-only --incremental-dir="${new_increment}" --target-dir="${full_backup_dir}"

xtrabackup version 2.3.3 based on MySQL server 5.6.24 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: 525ca7d)
incremental backup from 3814998463174 is enabled.
xtrabackup: This target seems to be already prepared.
xtrabackup: error: applying incremental backup needs target prepared with --apply-log-only.

For restoring the backup i need to start again from full backup and reapply all the increment and it take long time.

There is a way to undo the “xtrabackup --prepare --target-dir=”${full_backup_dir}" and add a new incremental backup to the full ?
For the moment for each increment, i need to redo all step from full backup …

If i’am not clear sorry, but i think its possible to add new increment ? For the moment the only way to add my new increment is to delete all my decompressed/prepared backup and redo it from the full backup

Thanks a lot