Is --copy-back required when restoring a database?


We use innobackupexec to backup a rather large database. When restoring the database, we use the --apply-log and finally run --copy-back

Since this is a large database, we would need to twice the space of the backup in order to restore the database, and this is alot of space due to the size of the database.

Question is, is the --copy-back required when restoring a database ? Or can we skip this process and simply move the folder once the apply-log is complete, since that is what the copy-back process appears to be doing.


Definitely not required. Just keep in mind (as I’m sure you’re well aware) that moving it is a one shot deal, so if the backup is destroyed for whatever reason then you’re in trouble unless you have another copy somewhere. That aside, moving it works fine; just make sure the resulting ownership/permissions are correct after the move and then you’re good to go. =)

Thanks alot! Clears some headaches when dealing with sizing