Integrated Alertmanager questions

I have previously connected my PMM install to an open source version of Alertmanager installed on the same host. This means that I already have a .yml file with some alerts configured. Is there a text file I can replace on the pmm-server container with these alert rules, or, is there an API I can upload them to that will add them to the new integrated alertmanager?

Side note, is there any secret documentation for the Integrated alert manager? The documentation I could find didn’t have a ton of information on customization (I understand that its still in early stages so might not be there yet)

First and foremost, THANK YOU for understanding we’re still in early development on integrated alerting!! We don’t yet have a parser for you to upload your existing alerts as a single yaml and be translated into alerts…yet! The only way is to manually copy/paste each alert first to an alert template and then turn the alert template into an actual alert. Now that said, I’ve not dug deep enough into the server side to see if there’s not some elegant (or wildly complex) sed/awk-fu that could be applied to a single file that results in the many files in the right locations…

We are about to release an update to the documentation as well that includes a video of setup and seeing it all working as well as a troubleshooting/FAQ guide with MUCH better help to going from nothing to firing alerts. It’s getting it’s final proofing now but here’s the proposed commit if you just can’t wait (The video isn’t available online yet but will go on the “Using integrated alerting” page the same time the troubleshooting doc gets published I think.