Installing RPM dependency problems with DBD::mysql and Term::ReadKey


Trying to install the Percona toolkit RPM and getting dependency errors:

rpm -isv percona-toolkit-2.0.3-1.noarch.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
perl(DBD::mysql) >= 1.0 is needed by percona-toolkit-2.0.3-1.noarch
perl(Term::ReadKey) >= 2.10 is needed by percona-toolkit-2.0.3-1.noarch

I’ve successfully installed (or so I think) both DBD::mysql and Term::ReadKey, for example:

running: perl -e ‘use DBD::mysql; print $DBD::mysql::VERSION,"\n";’
outputs: 4.020

running: perl -e ‘use Term::ReadKey; print $Term::ReadKey::VERSION,"\n";’
outputs: 2.30

So from what I can tell, in both cases, the library versions are above the required version numbers.

Is this not the correct way to use this RPM?


I’ve resolved this issue by installing the corresponding RPM packages for perl-DBD and Term ReadKey from

So I suppose the issue was that you’d installed them with CPAN or something, but not through RPM, so RPM didn’t know they were installed?