Installing PMM2 on Debian 7 Wheezy

Hi all!

I had this nightmare of upgrade the clients of pmm on servers with debian 7.
There is no way to put a clean install over this operating system because are “out date”. But I found a way to do it and I share with the community

I followed the guide provided for Binary Packages installations. ( Client - Percona Monitoring and Management) This because there is no option to install on debian 7 or lower.

I was able to move the client direct to the server through FTP because the wget link doesn´t work.
(certificate issues regarding to the https link)

After that if you have success you will be able to register your server with the command

pmm-agent setup --config-file=${PMM_DIR}/config/pmm-agent.yaml --server-address= --server-insecure-tls --server-username=admin --server-password=admin --paths-tempdir=${PMM_DIR}/tmp --paths-base=${PMM_DIR}

However the nightmare start when you need to run de pmm-agent

pmm-agent --config-file=${PMM_DIR}/config/pmm-agent.yaml

This will let you run the agent but it will stop if the session is closed.

So a easy way to let that process running in background is with screen . Screen is a terminal multiplexer. In other words, it means that you can start a screen session and then open any number of windows (virtual terminals) inside that session. Processes running in Screen will continue to run when their window is not visible even if you get disconnected.

After that I was able to register the server and add the other services to monitoring.

Please if you have any other strategy for this let me know.

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If you start pmm-agent using systemd, then you don’t need to use screen.