Installation problems using the guide from Percona

Dear community,

I am experiencing problems to install the Percona 5.7 on my Debian 8.7. I used this guide:…/apt_repo.html

I tried these steps:

wget$(lsb_release -sc)_all.deb

This returned to error 404.

EDIT: is this even correct URL? I might missed something important into this part and it must be replaced with Percona version here? - (lsb_release -sc)

Then I tried the other way:


wget [URL=""][/URL] 


tar xvf Percona-Server-5.7.17-11-rf60191c-jessie-x86_64-bundle.tar


dpkg -i *.deb

And this got me an error: [IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2]

What did I do wrong? Please help me out, the server is offline and I need to figure this out.

P.S. I ran the install on a completely clean Debian 8.7

EDIT: regarding all tutorials the

wget$(lsb_release -sc)_all.deb

must work, but on my end it returns 404 error. Really confused.


Figured it out.

Just in case if someone struggles and experience the same problems, then you should change the part percona-release_0.1-4.$(lsb_release -sc)_all.deb from

wget$(lsb_release -sc)_all.deb

to the appropriate one from the listed ones in here - In my case this was Jessie, so I picked the percona-release_0.1-4.jessie_all.deb and put it into the command link like this:


Then the command:

dpkg -i percona-release_0.1-4.jessie_all.deb


apt-get update

And finally:

apt-get install percona-server-server-5.7