Install Problem on RHEL6 - dependency problem

I am trying to install Percona-XtraDB-cluster on a RedHat 6 server and I am getting a bunch of dependency issues like the following.

Downloading Packages:
Running rpm_check_debug
ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
mysql-server conflicts with Percona-XtraDB-Cluster-server-1:5.5.28-23.7.369.rhel6.x86_64
mysql-libs conflicts with Percona-XtraDB-Cluster-shared-1:5.5.28-23.7.369.rhel6.x86_64
Please report this error in
You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest
Your transaction was saved, rerun it with: yum load-transaction /tmp/yum_save_tx-2012-11-26-20-20Xtv5zD.yumtx

Before I did the install of Percona-XtraDB-cluster I removed mysql-libs like the documentation says to do. I than verified that no mysql-server was installed.

Any ideas on what is going on. I have been able to get the cluster working on CentOS 6.

I met the same issue,but found a way to resolve it.
yum update
after update complete,installing is ok.
maybe you should try.
sorry for my poor english.

I ended just switching to RedHat 6.3 and the install went fine. I never did try a yum update. I will have to give it a try on one of my development boxes and see if it works.