Install Postgres Cluster in different namespace other than the operator namespace

Hello there,

I am installing Percona Postgres Operator in namespace pgo-3, and cluster in postgres-3. the operator has been deployed successfully, nothing created in postgres-3.
It seems I have to create namespace postgres-3 with pgo client other than kubectl.

Could please anyone share your thoughts?



$ pgo --debug create namespace postgres-3
DEBU[0000] debug flag is set to true
DEBU[0000] in initConfig with url=
DEBU[0000] GetSessionCredentials called
DEBU[0000] PGOUSER environment variable is being used at /Users/abc/.pgo/pgouser
DEBU[0000] pgouser file found at /Users/abc/.pgo/pgouser contains admin:examplepassword
DEBU[0000] [admin examplepassword]
DEBU[0000] username=[admin] password=[examplepassword]
DEBU[0000] setting up httpclient with TLS
DEBU[0000] GetTLSTransport called
DEBU[0000] create namespace called
DEBU[0000] createNamespace called [postgres-3] []
DEBU[0000] CreateNamespace called...[]
Error: Post "": dial tcp connect: connection refused
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