Install perl-dbd with percona 5.5 on debian 6

Subj. how ?
errors on dependenses
libmysqlclient16, which cannt installed with errors mysql-common,which not installed. Ive installed percona server 5.5 from apt repositories on debian 6

Because of this, and can not install maatkit, unfortunately. It turns out that the use of scripts in Perl, to administer the database does not work, but it’s a very serious obstacle to the introduction of Percona Server in production.

surely no one used in Debian is Percona Server 5.5 with Perl DBI?

I had the same problem on a CentOS server, using Percona 5.5.

When i tried to do a yum install perl-DBD-MySQL i got errors, because it also tried to install the package Percona-Server-shared-51, which is the wrong version.

Then i did a yum install Percona-Server-shared-compat, which installed fine
and then i could do a yum install perl-DBD-MySQL without problems :slight_smile:

i found the solution here: ead/thread/17c147698bd31595?pli=1

there is no such package in percona debian repository