Install pbm specific version

I use pbm version 2.0.0. I would like to install version 1.8.1 .
Is there an option to install specific pbm version.

I used below steps: This automatically installs pbm version 2.0.0

sudo yum install
sudo percona-release enable pbm release
sudo yum install percona-backup-mongodb

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Hi Ranjith,

It is pretty straightforward. You need to append the version information to the package name.

You can retrieve all the available packages by running the following:

sudo yum list available percona-backup-mongodb --showduplicates

Once you know which version you want to install, then execute the following:

sudo  yum install percona-backup-mongodb-1.8.1-1.el8

The generic format is -

I hope this is what you need.


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