Install dynamic libraries in php

Hi all,

I have file. It is not the come with package actually it is made by somebody in “C” language. I want to run in php. I have added in /usr/lib64/php/modules , and /etc/php.ini But unable to load the dynamic library.

I have php-5.3.1, how can I install the dynamic library. Can anybody help me out?

-Vaneet Gupta

I would start by examining error logs.

Thanks, I have resolved the issue. Actually I have to put the .so file in the directory where I was running my application. Make the c program and compile it with “gcc -rdynamic -o prog3 prog3.c -dl” , it creats the execute file with name prog3 . Then call it in the php with the help of “exec” in php.

-Vaneet Gupta
Linux Administrator