InnodbCluster Monitoring Split ( mysqlsh Script )

Hello Guys

I have started an analysis on the old shell script to rejoin a cluster member in Mysql 5.7 whenever We have a split . Therefore, It does not work fine.

So, I am not sure about this parameter ( --cluster rejoin-instance )

Command on Script Shell

mysqlsh --uri $clusterUser:$clusterUserpwd@$rNode – cluster rejoin-instance $clusterUser:$clusterUserpwd@$localNode

mysqlsh --uri $clusterUser:$clusterUserpwd@$rNode --cluster rejoin-instance $clusterUser:$clusterUserpwd@$localNode

Have you ever seen this parameter ( --cluster rejoin-instance ) ?

If yes , Is it work well in your evironment ?

Do you have any suggestion to try rejoin automatically it ?

Andre Rodrigues

Hi @Andre1976

I haven’t seen the combination you are trying, but you can use an approach similar to this one:

echo "cluster.rejoinInstance(\"$User:$Password@$Host:$Port\")" | mysqlsh --uri '$User:$Password@$Host:$Port' --cluster --js

I think this should work for you.


Hello @Pep_Pla

Thanks in advance ! It works fine !

Andre Rodrigues

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