Innodb with full text search


At the moment INNODB with full text search is part of percona server 5.6, is this functionality also going to be PXC 5.6?


All Innodb functionality in 5.6 will be present as well in PXC 5.6.

Fantistic - thanks for your help


We have to convert some MyISAM tables to InnDB on Percona 5.6.13 server. The MyISAM tables are using full-text indexing, so if I will move these tables as InnoDB then does It impact then query performance?

Sujeet, I think this is something you really need to create a test environment first and execute some benchmarks. In my thoughts you’ll need to pay more attention on fine tuning things for the whole InnoDB, not just for the things regarding Full Text indexes. Cheers, WB

Hi WB,

Thanks for the suggestion!!

We have converted few MyISAM table as InnoDB, only skipped out few MyISAM tables which contains full text index. I saw many post over net and found that InnoDB with full-text index will slow down the query performance. So just want to confirm this with you.

Sujeet, it will really depend on actual data and workload, some FTS queries may be faster on MyISAM, some on InnoDB.
I think this post will be interesting for you: