InnoDB tablespace inter-version compatibility

Interestingly enough, MyISAM files could be taken from version 4.x into mysql 5, and they seem to working fine, of 'course with some exception described in ml )
But I could not found any info about possible innodb compatibility or opposite - can ibdata file be moved from any 4 to 5 version of MySQL? Common sense tell me “no”, but why it’s missing in docs? Or I must’ve overlooked it (


The exceptions for InnoDB are also mentioned in the same article. So you can make an upgrade, but it’s recomended either to redump the data anyway. In some cases mysql_upgrade after upgrade may help you.

// Aurimas

yeah, I read that before, couldn’t find anything related to my case ) Also tried to copy ibdata and log files from 4 to 5 - mysql crashes with “mysqld got signal 10;” when trying to run any select query…