Some tablespace understanding

Dear All,
I am new to innodb. So I am curios to learn about innodb tablespace. Ok now I look into my my.ini and find this line innodb_data_file_path=ibdata1:10485760:autoextend. So it means I have ibdata1 file of size 10MB rite. So once my ibdata1 goes beyong 10MB what exactly happens ? I dont understand what does it mean by file size limitationt to 4GB. How can I monitor that my ibdata is reaching 4GB and how to overcome this problem. I really wanna get a good understanding of innodb as I plan to use it for huge data and not get into some crash and errors. Hope someone can shed some light to me. Thanks is advance.

Quite Simple,

This means tablespace is 10GB initial and will growth automatically as needed.

4GB file size limit does not exist on most operation systems for years now.

Dear Peter,
Thanks but then why most articles are speaking of this limitations. Does xp or red hat have this limitations ? Another thing is that how will I know wat is exactly my size of my ibdata1 as I am adding on data. This why I am asking is that if it overflow my current hard disk then I would need another hard disk to join rite ? How to do that ya ?