Innodb Log File 4G limit?

I am runnning:

mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.37, for unknown-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.1

But if i try to make my combined log file size > 4GB mysql shuts down in such a way I would think its a 32bit machien unable to handle files larger than 4GB. Is this correct?

Also out system is running 32G of ram and Im only using 16G for my buffer pool. So I should have my logs at 8G minimum right? We are a right heavy company. And our Innodb Seq grows at aprox 14.5GBpH.

Thanks in advance.

You are following instructions that are wrong. Ratios are not the right way to calculate your log file size. See: ate-a-good-innodb-log-file-size/

See also: html


“The combined size of the log files must be less than 4GB.” This is an InnoDB limitation. If you are truly writing that much data per hour, I suspect you are doing something in a way that is not optimal for InnoDB, such as storing BLOB in the database.

Generally I would agree with ance-aio-linux.html being a good article but if you have large LOAD queries like loading very large email suppression lists into tables, its not really a good measure. For example with our system at 2G LOG files sizes i still get warning from time to time about a single log not being large enough to fit all the data. But I cant really grow the logs much more since there is the 4G limit. I thought the limit was supposed to be removed for 64bit machines but as of yet I have not seen that happen.