innobackupex restored without removing .qp files

used innobackupex full backup with --compress and followed below steps to restore the database. 1) innobackupex backup with --compress option
2) uncompress using decompress
3) --apply log
4) manually moved backup to datadir location
5) started mysql service

the mysql is up and running fine , but since i didn’t removed .qp files from the backup folder, the data directory is having .qp files within each schema for each tables.

is there anyway to delete this without stopping mysql? since mysql is running and .qp files are part of each schema folder will it create any issue?
and if i remove it manually .qp files from each schema when mysql server is running, will it cause any issue?


You may be impacted by this bug
However, I don’t see any issues deleting .qp (qpress) files manually and I don’t think it will cause any problem on running instance. On safe side, you may better to restore on some test machine and try to remove on fly.