Incremental Backup

Hello, i would like to know if when restoring a database if you have a lot of incremental backups you need to do all that preparation process manually executing the command line folder by folder. Or if there is a way to do this in a more automatic way? I am thinking if i have 3 months of daily incremental backups to prepare it would give a little headache to complete.

Also what about the Incremental Streaming backups? Are these more practical?

​Thanks very much for the help with my doubts.

I thought you can script the preparation phase of incremental backups to automate the process.
Note that all incremental backups should be applied to base backup and base backup data always need to be restore as we are applying increments to it. And during the preparation phase we need to apply only committed transactions (–redo-only) except the last one.

As far as incremental streaming backup is concern. You can check the manual contains some good example on streaming incremental backups. Yes, those are practical specially take in account if you storing backups on remote backup server.