Incremental backup of a MyISAM table


I am currently testing percona XtraBackup to resolve my problem :

I have a database containing 1 Innodb table and 18 MyIsam table.
One of the MyIsam table is quite big :

  • On the disk, data (MYD) + index (MYI) represents 210Go.
  • It is about 6 600 000 000 lines.

This table is partitionned by Range (timestamp). Each partition represents a month of data.
Each partition is currently around 15Go (data (MYD) + index (MYI) ).

Backups of this database are currently made with mysqldump.
Problems :

  • The backup is quite long (around 5H, dump + bzip2)
  • Database is locked during the backup

We really need to improve backups of this database.

Is XtraBackup able to use the partitionning to optimize the backup ?

I tried implementing incremental backup. So I followed this tuto : [url]Percona XtraBackup
But the problem is : incremental does not seem to work for MyIsam tables.

Is there any way to make incremental backup functional with MyIsam table ?
If not, what is the best way to backup my database ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.