Increasing performance by parallel processing or multiple mysqld

I’m running a search engine for realestate and I am in the process of acquiring a new server.

My search engine process is very well suited for parallelization, therefore I want to know how I can tweak mysql to use this in an optimal way.

I’ve noticed that on my present server mysql only uses one processor, the other is not used at all…

I see a possible number of possibilities:

  1. putting different databases on different hard drives so read/write can be made fully parallel.

  2. for each database running a different mysqld on its own port.

  3. configuring my linux server so that it consist of (say) 4 virtual linux servers. Then on each of these 4 servers I install mysql for a different database.

I haven’t been able to find any references on this subject.

MySQL uses one processor per query. If you have many queries running at once you should see more than one CPU in use.

Is it possible to do parallel processing with MySQL as like in Oracle

You have to split up the query and do the work yourself, or use a tool such as dds-parallelism-to-queries/

Thanks for your update. Is there any function availble in MySQL to debugg procedures as like DBMSoutput in Oracle.?