Improving performance Percona Mongo v3.6.17-4.0 standalone

Hi there,

On the daily basis, from a ReplicaSet a dump is made, we start a standalone server, removing any replicaSet configuration, on that standalone server a Java application will sanitized/scrambling personal data like lastnames, e-mails, etc. The Java application uses multithreading. Running some updateMany over some collection takes many hours, we can have around 300K e-mails to be sanitized/scrambling. We have a “kind of big” collection of 45GB “73 MM of documents on that collection and many indexes”, the entire database is about 91GB, the Debian 8 box has 14GB of RAM.

From Mongo config, I have setup a bit more of cacheSizeGB to try to improve some performance. I was wondering what other settings I can modify to try to get performance?



 cacheSizeGB: 10

checkpointSizeMB: 1000

statisticsLogDelaySecs: 0

journalCompressor: snappy

directoryForIndexes: false


blockCompressor: snappy


prefixCompression: true

The next setting to try will be to disable the journal, and see if it will increase some performance.

Server: Percona Mongo v3.6.17-4.0 standalone

Thanks in advance.

Hi, disabling the journal will help in terms of performance but be careful about the durability. Are you using the unordered bulk write functionality? that should be faster as well: