Importing 28GB of data to an existing database

Hello Amazing people ,
I have a mariadb and one schema in it I would like to import about 30GB sql.gz file into it what are the best approach I mean fastest method to do this. Very urgent thank you

Hello, if the file contains SQL statements you can simply pipe it to the mysql client e.g.

gunzip -c file.sql.gz | mysql -u user -p pass 

Please be careful and inspect the contents manually first to make sure the file contents don’t mess with any of your existing data.

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Thank you for coming in , I have zcat and I have tried pv myfile.sql.gz | gunzip| mysql-uproot-p . But at a point it got stuck for hours without data loading matter of fact for 9hours without changing . Do you think there are better and faster tools to use?.I have done some research but still no better tools out there. Please be aware that mysqldump was used to create the backup

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