Implicit type conversions not happening after upgrade from 5.7 to 8.0

I am having a table lets say test(a int, b varchar)
when I running query select * from test where a=‘101’ its giving me required output on both 5.7 and 8.0
but when I am running same query in procedure its giving output only in 5.7 but not in 8.0, I am having so many procedure that having implicit type conversion, How can I configure 8.0 to keep this conversion same as 5.7

or am I doing something wrong

Implicit type conversion is rarely safe to use. I suggest you write the proper SQL using CAST(), as this will be more compliant to the SQL language and the behavior will be expected.

Agree @matthewb , but why its different behavior with stored procedures , with there anything that I can configure to make this correct ?

Check the SQL_MODE of the stored procedure by looking at mysql.proc table. When you create a stored procedure, the SQL_MODE of the server at that time is preserved and restored each time the proc runs. You might have changed something here.