IAM Assume Role support on PMM


In PMM we have an auto discover mechanism which will auto discover the RDS instance while using PMM add instance option from grafana UI.

Steps to Reproduce:

PMM Settings - > Add Remote RDS Instance


Current version: 2.32.0


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Expected Result:

Basically , IAM role should use assume role and discover all the instance from all the accounts.

Actual Result:

Only discover the instance which is coming under the account where PMM server hosted.

Additional Information:

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Hello @Muralipmm,
Have you read through all of our AWS-PMM documentation regarding IAM roles?

Yes @matthewb ,

We have read it

Seems currently it not supported that feature

Hello @Muralipmm
Have you resolved this issue? I’m experiencing the same issue as well.

No Its still not resolved

Hi @matthewb ,

Do we have any update on this?

Hello @Muralipmm,
I found only 1 JIRA bug report on this issue and it was closed back in 2021.
The documentation link I provided above also demonstrates how to create and use IAM roles.

Can you please give a much more detailed step by step account of what you are trying to do? Maybe some screenshots of PMM and the contents of the role you created in AWS? We need everything possible you can provide in order to reproduce your issue.

Hi @matthewb ,

IAM role discovery is working for the same account.

We requesting to want the support for cross account discovery.

Lets say we have three accounts A , B & C and we provisioned PMM on A and it was able to discover only the instances associated with A account.We want cross account discovery where it should discover instances associated with A ,B and C.

I believe you do this through the IAM itself:

yes @matthewb ,
we have used the same method but discovery not working.
Could you please confirm whether PMM will support cross account discovery using IAM role instead of IAM user or not?

Hi @matthewb ,

Do we have any update on this?

I do not. I encourage you to open a JIRA issue https://jira.percona.com/ for the PMM team to investigate further.