How to uninstall?

I didn’t realize that the agent would modify the long query time variable on my server. I already consolidate the slow query log from all my servers to one place so I now have a 700MB slow log file for today and I only turned on the agent ~30 mins ago. My daily slow query logs are usually about 10KB.

The agent has an uninstall option:–uninstall

It looks like pt-agent and percona-agent are different. The flags on that documentation page don’t work for percona-agent.

[root@db1 bin]# ./percona-agent --uninstall
flag provided but not defined: -uninstall
Usage of ./percona-agent:
-basedir="/usr/local/percona/percona-agent": Agent basedir
-pidfile="": PID file
-ping=false: Ping API
-version=false: percona-agent version

Ah yes, I did not realize there was actually a separate script called “percona-agent”. Looking at the Git repo, it appears there is an script in the install directory. It says it is for debugging only, but looking through the script it appears to do what you’d expect for uninstalling: stop the agent, remove the script from chkconfig (or equivalent), delete the init script, and removes the agent files. So if you can find that file, that may do the trick (but it does say debugging, so cannot say how solid it is). =)

Thanks, looks like that script wasn’t in the release. It seems to work and has removed the agent.