How to uninstall DBaaS? COREOS/OLM etc


DBaaS failed to install and the CRD’s are stuck in my cluster. Specifically the OLM/subscription and when I try and manually remove objects they come back, or break my other applications because the API endpoint from this isn’t available.

I have it “on” (broken) right now because my Kasten K10 backups won’t backup when I scale down the OLM packageserver (and related) deployments…

Hoping for a nice clean “uninstall” script that’ll take out all of the CRD’s… this should have been included with DBaaS when installing it via PMM server using K8 config/auth.

Hello. Thanks for asking this question. We will deprecate PMM/DBaaS soon and encourage you to try Everest. Since from the architectural standpoint, Everest uses almost the same components as PMM/DBaaS you can try to use this guide. Uninstall Percona Everest - Percona Everest with some minor differences. Please use the default namespace and olm namespace to delete resources.

I’ll look into this.
Is there no specific guide for DBaaS?

I only wish to remove DBaaS, the guide talks about removing all databases/DB clusters from Kubernetes, which is not what I want to have happen (or is it just the DB’s/Clusters installed by DBaaS, and not, for example my Helm Chart installed PXC cluster outside of DBaaS?). Just the DBaaS components (because it’s installed broken in my cluster and having undesired affects).

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