How to trigger a partial SST ?

Hi there,

I have a use case for XtraDB Cluster that involves local tables that should not be copied from one node to another. The reason is that the law of the country where the donor resides does not allow user-related data to leave the country.

The solution I imagined is:

  • set up the user-related tables with MyISAM engine
  • include only non user-related tables in the SST using the “[xtrabackup] tables=” parameter

The transfer part works just fine, but it fails afterwards during the consistency check:
[ERROR] WSREP: Node consistency compromized, aborting…

I assume that it happens because some tables are missing. Knowing that these would not be replicated anyway (because they are MyISAM tables), what could I do to avoid the consistency check to fail ?

An idea would be to create them (empty) before startting the SST, but with my current config the whole mysql data directory gets cleaned up before each SST. Can I disable this cleanup feature ? Will it have some side effects on my SST or on the node consistency ?

Thanks for your help