how to sync master and slave tables

Hello, I have a master and slave replication where the slave has read-only access and we are out of sync with one table in slave compared to master – is there way i can sync master and slave so that slave will be updated? can we do that if we have read-only access to slave? say like table T1 is in master has 100 rows and table T1 slave has only 50 rows I want to sync master to slave so that slave T1 will also have 100 rows. – any help would be appreciated – table currently holds 2B rows and how much time would it take to get the process completed


Yes, you can sync that table even without touching the slave, with pt-table-sync tool. It will basically run needed queries on the master, which will not change any data on the master itself, but will be replicated to the slave, and that way the data will be synced.
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