How to set up mySQL Server with SSL

I am new here and therefor: Hey everybody!

I do have to setup a mySQL Server (5.1) on a x64 Windows 2008 Server. The mySQL Server should only operate through SSL. - I can’t find any step by step introductions for this. - Can you please help me!? - Or give me a hint, where I can find a tutorial how to do that.
I don’t get any informations about x64 systems.


I think this can help: ml


Thanks. This site I have looked, but the problem (for me) is, that the setup is for Linux users and not for Windows Users. - Down at the comments, there is a little explaination, how to do it on Windows, using OpenSSL. - But there is the big problem for me. - OpenSSL only will work on x32 BIT Machines and not on x64!