How to set up High Availability to PMM

We have a plan to implement latest version of PMM on GCP for monitoring & managing multiple Petroni Postgres cluster.

Below is each cluster node details

Petroni Postgres cluster: - Running with 03 node (01 leader+ Reader)
Petroni etcd :- 03 node
HAproxy :- 01 nodes

Question is do we need to set up High availability solution for PMM as well? to achieve 100% monitoring. if need to set up HA solution for PMM how should we set up request you to share the document to set HA for PMM.


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Hello @gangamb,
PMM does not itself have any HA capabilities. However, due to its docker-based architecture, and the ability to use an external GCP disk for PMM data storage, it would be easy to spin up a replacement instance and simply remount the data partition.

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