How to Restore MySQL backup to Percona XtraDB Cluster

All ,

I configured 3 node Percona XtraDB cluster in Amazon Ec2 , and it got successfully installed and running .

Below are the points which I want to achieve

  1. Restore mysql DB backup on Percona XtraDB cluster.
  2. Make one of the node as slave of existing master.

If my one of my Percona Xtradb Cluster node is slave of my current master will data get replicated across the cluster.

First of all, how was your backup done? mysqldump, xtrabackup, copying files?

Take a look on this, it may be helpful,

You can make a Galera Cluster node as SLAVE of an existing MySQL which one will act as a MASTER as this is the best and recommended strategy to migrate from a not scaled/replicated environment to Galera Cluster. So, all the data that is written at the MASTER MySQL will be written as well to all Galera Cluster nodes. Test it before going production, ok?