How to make modifications to DB on Docker Container (table partitioning)

I am using the “out of the box” Docker container that Percona has provided here: So we currently have a Galera Cluster running behind Zabbix, and I had to install xtrabackup because it is well suited for what we need. It looks like we are going to move these databases to a different part of the network and I would like to suggest we use the containers that Percona has created. However, we use partitioning on 7 of the tables I need that to be defined in the creation of the container/database. I have come up with a couple options but am looking for suggestions. The partitioning is all done in stored procedures, that I have driven by one main stored procedure which is called by a perl script, driven by a cron job…


  1. Start up Docker container with -i -t in run command. Enter the DB and create stored procedures. (The data is a datadir outside the container so the stored procedures should be saved there once created). This is not really a Docker way of doing things…

  2. Modify the Dockerfile created by Percona to include the creation of the stored procedures. This is going to be difficult because I am behind a corporate firewall and I am almost guaranteed to have firewall issues when I try to build the container in my environment.

  3. Is there a way to add something to the run command that can run a shell script to create the stored procedures?

Thank you for any suggestions!