Containerised Percona XtraDB 8.0.30

I have configured Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS with Percona XtraDB Cluster and have it all working perfectly with SSL certificates and also LDAP to an AD server. No problem at all. Tested perfectly.

However, I now need to build the systems within a Docker Container Environment. I have read through the following:
Running Percona XtraDB Cluster in a Docker Container - Percona XtraDB Cluster
and although that gives a good insight into the docker environment (by the way, I have never used Docker before), it only shows it in a small test environment and does not seem to include all of the required mysql requirements.

I have already installed all the required Docker apps, but can someone point me in a direction where it shows how to configure a FULL Containerised Percona Cluster Environment please?

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Below link has all the details provided to configure, bootstrap, and add the nodes into PXC cluster (using the docker container).

If you are more interested in how the PXC is usually configured, bootstrapped, added nodes, and verified replication once a cluster is UP. In that case, you could reference the documentation pages below.

Configuring Nodes for Write-Set Replication

Bootstrapping the First Node

Adding Nodes to Cluster

Verifying Replication

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Hi @adgwytc
We provide docker images for all our products.
You can find PXC docker image here: Docker
There will be information which will help you running docker container