How to create mongo indexes in rolling fashion using percona operator..?

I didn’t find any instruction on how to create new indexes while using percona kubernetes operator, appreciate the inputs.


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Hello @bharad ,

I assume you mean regular MongoDB indexes.

Our Operators are heavily focused on infrastructure, high availability and data consistency for databases.
Indexes management lays more in a field of data management. Currently we do not have any features that allow users to manage application data in the database through the operator.

Please let us know more about your use case and we might suggest workarounds.

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Hello @spronin

Yes, i mean the regular MongoDB indexes creation.

Our use-case is to leverage the percona kubernetes operator to manage the database infrastructure and use some sort of automated approach to create indexes the mongo rolling way (take down each secondary to create indexes and bring them back and so on…).

Greatly appreciate any insights or examples on how we can implement this!

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Hello @bharad,

now I get it. We have this issue in our backlog: [K8SPSMDB-467] Support for Rolling Index Builds on Replica Sets - Percona JIRA

For now it is not in our roadmap as we see that starting from MongoDB 5.0 there is no need to do this in a rolling fashion.

Please share your thoughts.