How to connect percona postgresql to "navicat"

hi,i want connect percona postgresql to “navicat”.how should i do? i have installed percona pgsql on k8s cluster. How do I get the ip and port in the cluster to connect to navicat?

@qishan I assume you are looking for a connection string to paste into navicat.
There are two things to consider:

  1. Expose the cluster: Exposing the cluster - Percona Operator for PostgreSQL
    The connection string depends on how you expose it.
    I assume your Navicat instance runs outside of the kubernetes cluster, so you should expose your cluster with a load balancer or node port.

  2. Get the connection string:
    You can get the login, password and a connection string from the secret resource. It is well described here: 2 Connect to PostgreSQL - Percona Operator for PostgreSQL

please let me know if you still have questions.