How to configure GTID MySQL8 replication from existing standalone(old Master) to new Slave server using Xtrabackup8

Hi Team,

DB Version: MYSQL8.24 and Xtrabackup8 backup tool.

Need help on MySQL8 GTID replication setup from old existing master(standalone) to a new slave server.
I want to do with xtrbackup, is there any detailed step-by-step document using xtrbackup backup to enable replication from existing master to new slave?
Can you please help me with any documentation?

Hello @Naresh9999,
Make sure GTID is enabled on your new source (gtid_mode=ON, enforce_gtid_consistency=ON) and then take the backup and restore to new server like normal. We have many examples, step-by-step on documentation pages to take and restore backups.

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