How to check Query execution time as per the source DB

We would like to know, when the query has been executed as per the destination DB. Is there any Time stamp column that we are maintaining in the backend as per the destination DB execution time?

Hi, the query was executed every time there is a yellow bar in the graph to the right. You can hover the cursor over to see the execution timestamps.

Hi @Ivan_Groenewold

Thank you for the details. Please let me know the information of the backend date and time field.
We are actually attempting to comprehend where and how it is being stored in the backend in order to customize our dashboard with the necessary information, such as a date column, query, execution time, etc.

For the query below, we want a datetime column.

any(node_name) Node_name,
fingerprint Query,
sum(num_queries)/($__to-$__from)*1000 QPS,
sum(m_rows_examined_sum)/sum(m_rows_sent_sum) as Rows_exam_per_sent,
sum(m_rows_examined_sum)/($__to-$__from)*1000 as Rows_examined,
sum(m_rows_affected_sum)/($__to-$__from)*1000 as Rows_affected,
sum(m_query_time_sum)/sum(m_query_time_cnt)*1000 as Latency_ms
FROM $table
WHERE $timeFilter and service_name in ($service_name)
GROUP BY fingerprint
ORDER BY Latency_ms desc limit 20

Can someone pleas help me with the above requirement?