How to check collection size of MongoDB in mongodb Percona Proemtheus metrix

HI Team, Im using percona mongodb prometheus Exporter version 0.30.0. I want to check the collection size of MongoDB database.
I’m using MongoDB Replicaset version 5.0.3.
can anyone let me know how can I check the collection size metric.
I’m using extraArgs:

  • –compatible-mode
  • –collector.dbstats
  • –collector.collstats-limit=0
  • –collector.topmetrics
  • –mongodb.collstats-colls=testDataBase.testCollection
    But not able to find the metric.
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Hi @Vikas_Jella thank you for posting to the Percona forums!
Are you using PMMv1 or PMMv2? v1 reached EOL in May 2022 this year

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