How Percona XtraBackup - 8.0.28-21 works during huge writes .......?

Hi there ,
i have a 3 node cluster - PXC 8.0.27.

When iam doing huge no.of writes (all nodes) ,during the write process If i take the backup using xtrabackup of all the 3 nodes .

  1. Is the backups are consistent without loosing any data OR would i loose any data(because writes are in progress,may be not replicated to other nodes).
  2. How Xtrabackup is going to handle without loosing any data…OR Is there any mechanism handled internally …?
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Hello, first of all in a PXC cluster it is recommended to write to a single node at a time. That being said, xtrabackup will take a consistent backup of a node at a specific point in time by recording the changes in the redo log while the backup is being taken. Check this page for more info:

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