How does one restart PMM 2.0 on the virtual appliance?

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out what the overall command is to restart PMM, particularly after adding SMTP settings for smtp2go to grafana.ini because I couldn’t find where in the UI to set that up. This being, so new users get their invitation emails (is there something I’m missing there as well?)

Thank you!


This assumes you’re using docker and don’t want to restart the whole container:

docker exec <pmm-server-container-name> supervisorctl restart grafana

if you’re OVF or AMI, ssh to the machine and just run the supervisorctl part at the end.

Forgot to add…this, as far as I know, is the only way to setup SMTP…you can do so many things through the UI but not edit the grafana.ini.

when I start my container I pass the values in as environment variables because as we make upgrades to PMM sometimes its necessary to overwrite the grafana.ini file and you’ll lose your changes:
-e GF_SMTP_ENABLED=true -e -e GF_SMTP_USER=<username_to_auth_with> -e GF_SMTP_PASSWORD=<password_to_auth_with> -e GF_SMTP_SKIP_VERIFY=false -e GF_SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS=<email_from_address> -e GF_SMTP_FROM_NAME=<email_from_friendly_name>

With the OVA, you should be able to restart grafana like any other service: systemctl restart grafana

grafana isn’t loaded as part of systemd, only as supervisord thus supervisord restart grafana will do it.