How can I get slow queries of MongoDB on Dahsboard just like Postgres Instance Dashboard (Experimental) of Percona?

I’m not getting slow queries panel for mongoDB just like postgres slow queries monitoring on postgres Instance Dashboard (Experimental). Can you suggest how can I monitor Mongo Slow Queries using PMM?

Hey @Mantresh_Kumar,

We have an experimental dashboard for all Databases - Grafana. You can also use Query Analytics to track slow queries. To make all of this work, you need to configure your PMM and MongoDB accordingly. For instructions, please visit: MongoDB - Percona Monitoring and Management.

Hey @Roma_Novikov ,
I’m getting all the visualizations and metrics of mongo, expect the slow queries present in the Dashboard overview. I’ve followed each and every step of the Mongo PMM documentation from creating roles to assigning it to user “pmm” including updating role for advance metrics. Still I’m not getting slow queries on dashboard of mongo. Profiling is also enabled.

There’s also no queries on Query Analytics Dashboard for Mongo but for postgres it is working fine.

@Mantresh_Kumar, it’s very likely the data is not getting into the profiler.
Check MongoDB settings from MongoDB - Percona Monitoring and Management

Also, you can check your MongoDB service in Inventory and the monitoring status and what the status of the “Qan mongodb profiler agent.”

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