MongoDB QAN Monitoring problems

Hi there,
I’m absolutely new to this product so I’ve decided to test it with my mongoDB server. So I used documentation to install pmm-server and pmm-client and after that I made and configured profiling for my db, to connect it as service I used newly created “pmm” user which I made using these guide: MongoDB - Percona Monitoring and Management

Here is some additional info which might be useful to help me:

I can’t post more photos in the post, so here are more details. What I’ve noticed is that something is actually trying to collect my queries, but not for all my available databases. It might be happening only for the “admin” database?

Here is what I see in QAN

Hi Eugene, it seems you enabled profiling only for the admin database. To see all queries, please enable the profiler globally by setting the following in your mongod.conf file:

  mode: slowOp
  slowOpThresholdMs: 100

You will need to restart the mongod process after.

Hope that helps

Unfortunately, I can’t access mongod.conf now. But I also thought that only 1 high-load DB monitoring will be enough for now(just in case if that I cannot set global profiler via mongosh, cuz I couldn’t find “how-to” in mongo documentation)

So I decided to switch the DB and set the same settings for it, but it still doesn’t work. I didn’t restart any services, should I?)

Some more additional info:

  1. I can only configure MongoDB via mongosh for now.
  2. I’m using clustering, here is my docker-compose file.

Maybe that information can also help with my problem.

Also here is another configured DB(just to make sure that it’s correct also)

Adding profiling settings for another DB and restarting PMM helped, so it’s time to investigate PMM Dashboard itself. Thank you.