History and prepare xtrabackup - nothing in database

Does --history option only record data to database when the --backup option is specified?

I have tried using --history with --prepare and it seems like nothing is written to database, but I do see data that relates to when the --backup option was specified.

Unfortunately, in the output of xtrabackup, I do not see any confirmation or error about history being written to database.

This is my script:

xtrabackup --user=xxxx --password=xxxx --backup --target-dir=/backup --history=mysqlbackup
xtrabackup --user=xxxx --password=xxxx --prepare --target-dir=/backup --history=mysqlbackup_prep1
xtrabackup --user=xxxx --password=xxxx --prepare --target-dir=/backup --history=mysqlbackup_prep2


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According to the docs, it looks like it only takes a history when you use --backup

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