High Performance MySQL, Third Edition or other resources

Dear all,

I am on my way to update any MySQL knowledge I still have and was recommended High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition Optimization, Backups, and Replication - High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition [Book]

Since this third edition was last updated in 2012 would you still consider it relevant? Should I try another book? Or maybe a combination of this one and some other new work? Any recommendation would be much appreciated.

Hi @RandomBytes thanks for checking in…
There’s still plenty of valid information in that book and if you already have a copy then it’s worth revisiting. You should also subscribe to the Percona Database Performance Blog… a little trickier to navigate in some ways but a goldmine of information on MySQL. On top of that, you will find fantastic online webinars by our team that will help bring you up to date. Free in exchange for an email address. Likewise our downloadable e-books. 
Did you see we were having a 24 hour online Percona Live in May? Make sure you sign up for that! 
Other resources you could explore: more generic but still valuable is Modern SQL by Marcus Winand, and Baron Schwarz (co-author on the O’Reilly book and active community contributor) offers some free downloadable books, but you might have to google them as the sources are changing at the moment. 
Hopefully we’ll get some more great ideas from other community members, but I hope these help as some starting ideas.