Help with XtraBackup, I'm a new user

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to migrate from mysqldump to an alternative that allows hot backups with non-blocking tables. I have studied about mydumper (I think that blocks tables during the process) and XtraBackup.

With XtraBackup: I have executed this command
innobackupex --user=root --password=root_password --databases=“banksdb” /root
banksdb it’s a small database (110MB) and the process spend a lot of time ( I have seen that is copying ibdata1 file with 24GB!). Is it normal?
After that, I’m going to execute
innobackupex --user=root --password=root_password --databases=“banksdb” --apply-log /root

Is correct my process? Where is the mistake? Any ideas?

I have read about XtraBackup and I don’t clear if I should to use --databases or --include to make a fragmental backup.

With mydumper: I have executed the command and I have not detect blocks in the activity (Only checked reads, without writers) … Any ideas?

Thanks in advance and my apologize if this post is some obvious.



Percona has great docs and guides for Xtrabackup, so I would check those out first:

[url]Percona XtraBackup

You will find detailed guides on taking and preparing full backups, incremental backups, and single tables. I believe that will answer most of your questions about.

As for how long the backup takes, that is very dependent on your data size, disk speed, and database activity. In your case it is likely due to slow drive speeds, as it sounds like you are doing this on a personal computer.

Thanks Scott for your answer.

Yes, I executed the commands over my personal computer.
For other hand, our database has continuos activity so it’s very important that with a new backup technique, avoid blocks in the service.

Thanks again for your attention.