Having Trouble with Arbiter Mongo Monitoring on 2.41.1

I’m having issues adding arbiter to pmm as a mongo service. I am able to add it and monitor it on the OS dashboard but after adding it through the mongo service, it gets listed as in a downed state and can’t reach the mongo servers. I know the username/password I register the service with works because I am able to use it for other nodes successfully.

I attempted to add the service through the GUI and this was done after upgrading the client to 2.41.1
So not sure what else to try here. Any suggested actions would be appreciated. Thanks.

OS: “Rocky Linux” version 8.6
Installed pam-client upgrade using “sudo dnf install”. This worked on the other clients I upgraded

Hi, we recently made changes to the way arbiters are monitored, so it’s possible something broke. May I ask you to open a bug at Jira - Percona JIRA

Fixed issue. Have to get rid of --username and --password flags when doing auth. And make sure to include username/password in server url flag.