Handy wsrep_notify_cmd email script

I wrote a python script to notify me via e-mail whenever something noteworthy is happening in the cluster. You can set up it up on as many of your cluster nodes as you like (with the minimum, of course, being 1), but be aware that it can get a bit chatty when something happens. I also threw in an selinux rule (which only works if your mail server uses port 25) just for kicks.

I’m not recommending that this be your primary means of cluster health information, but I have found it quite useful for when I am performing maintenance and also serves as a secondary emergency notification system.

Feel free to use or modify it in any form.

EDIT: Added to GitHub: https://github.com/gguillen/galeranotify


Edit: Original script was posted here. Please visit the GitHub in the original post to get the latest version.

OK, file attachment and formatted script file posting failed. If you want me to send you the zip, send me an email: gguillen@gesa.com

Added to GitHub: https://github.com/gguillen/galeranotify

Will edit original post to reflect this.