Guide for running PMM containers in AWS ECS

I’m having issues when running pmm-server. It dies after respawning several times dashboard-upgrade:

INFO exited: dashboard-upgrade (exit status 1; not expected)

I think it is related to shared volumes and “persistent data volumes” in ECS (

Does anyone knows how to setup pmm-server in ECS using persistent data volumes so that pmm-data volumes are persisted to an EBS?

Thank you.

It is okay when some subprocesses respawn, they have to finish finally with the expected exit code. The reason some processes depend on mysql which sometimes starts later but it’s not a problem at all.

I have tried running PMM Server on Amazon ECS myself, I got success running “pmm-server” container. However, it was not clear to me what to do with the data volumes. Looks like “pmm-data” container is something not suitable for ECS, as all containers there should be disposable there (one off tasks). So I assume you have to manage volumes manually. Then it’s a question how to create them w/o being initialized first on the pmm-server image.

It seems to me it’s easier to install docker on EC2 and spin up containers yourself. You probably don’t need to scale “pmm-server” in the way ECS designed for (web/app front/end backends).